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The Elements of Fitness incorporated into a Synergistic Effects

training regimen...

Circuit Training

Looking for cardio and strength training all in one? Circuit training is a fantastic form of exercise that boosts your metabolism and gets you going. This is a much more intense workout session designed to increase your anaerobic threshold and muscular endurance. Be ready to get in the game!

Endurance Training

Building your VO2 max is key to success in endurance events. Long and slow is not the only way to go! You will learn techniques to systematically increase your VO2 max and avoid overuse injuries by learning appropriate exercise prescription designed specifically to you.

Body Composition

Instead of focusing on the bathroom scale as the only metric for your success, we will measure and track both your body fat and circumference measurements. This way even if the scale doesn't budge for a while, we will see the muscle you have gained and the inches lost! My goal for everyone is to have a heart healthy body fat percentage!

Balance Training

Learn to master your own body! Increasing your kinesthetic awareness and balance through appropriate exercises is a GREAT way to improve your game whether you play golf, tennis, basketball, volleyball, softball, soccer, and many other sports. Balance training also becomes increasingly important as we age. You will strengthen your core and sharpen your reflexes.

Sports Nutrition

Eating right is as important as putting the proper fuel in your car. You can't expect to run a premium fuel car on regular unleaded, so why would we do this to our own machine? Learning proper hydration, pre-exercise snacks, post exercise refueling, and healthy overall daily food habits is as important as the miles you log or the sessions of weight training in the gym. Learn to fuel your body!

Speed Training

Tired of running or exercising at the same pace? With speed training you can increase your leg speed and bump up your race pace. The great part about it is you log in fewer miles and break it up into doable fun intervals. With a higher intensity and lower volume, less actually can be more!

Flexibility Training

Achieving and maintaining a healthy range of motion is an important part of optimal joint health. Increasing your flexibility enhances your quality of life and success in athletics.

Plyometric Training

Increase your speed, explosive power, and agility with plyometric training. They are essential for an athlete and a great addition to a well-rounded fitness plan. Are you a long distance runner and think plyos aren't for you? Think again...plyometric training can increase your leg speed, power, and anaerobic threshold allowing you to race at a higher level. What have you got to lose?

Rehabilitative Training

Do you have low back pain, knee pain, or some other orthopedic condition reducing your quality of life? Learn the proper rehabilitative exercises to safely stretch and strengthen problem areas to help reduce existing pain and prevent further injury.

Sport Specific Training

Specificity of training is vital to optimal sport performance. With biomechanical analysis, sport is broken down into the primary planes of movement. A solid training plan is built on these principles. If your primary interest is running, train to run. If it is golf, train to golf. From cardiovascular training to strength training, your sport specific goal is the foundation of all exercises prescribed. Train to succeed!

Strength Training

Reverse the effects of aging in your body! Proper strength training benefits are not limited to muscular strength. Not only will strength training maintain your lean tissue as you age, but you can build and increase your muscle mass! Furthermore, it is proven to increase your bone mineral density, prevent injury, and increase your metabolism aiding in weight loss. Your muscle is what uses the calories you eat. Why not fight those calories with more muscle?

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