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Client Testimonials

I like working with Kari because she does all the thinking. She creates work-outs that push me, but she keeps it INTERESTING. She seems to have a never ending supply of new exercises for me.


Kari is an amazing trainer and she is extremely knowledgeable about the detail of every exercise! She has helped me understand more about how exercises will benefit my overall well-being years down the road. Her fun-loving bubbly personality is an added bonus! She is WONDERFUL to work with.


As a former collegiate swimmer, I literally spent years of my life in the swimming pool and weightroom. My life and free time quickly changed after having three children in three and a half years! Kari designs INTENSE workouts for me to make the absolute MOST of my limited time! She knows how to hit me HARD each week at our session together and writes fabulous weekly workout plans for me to do on my own. Additionally, in a matter of just a few weeks, Kari greatly increased my range of motion in my low-back and SI joints that had been severely limiting me for well over a year. My workout with Kari is like a "Girlfriend's Getaway" each week!

...Meghan Kluesner

This is the first time in my life I have ever worked with a trainer. Kari really knows how to make the exercise experience not only fun, but a learning experience. She is a wealth of information and loves to share it with her clients. Her at-home lesson plans are very self explanatory and easy to follow. I had no trouble following my plan while traveling for work. I have nothing but FANTASTIC things to say about Kari and my training experience with her! Synergistic Effects ROCKS!

...Kim Jones

Kari is the best trainer I have ever worked out with - and I have worked out with a few! She is completely versed in everything having to do with the body, exercise, nutrition, etc. She is also very good at writing plans that work for any fitness level - and adjusting as needed - in my case due to injury - I can still get a good workout in if I follow her advice and think I will come back from my injury much more quickly than if I had just tried to do it on my own. I have never met anyone so enthusiastic, so knowledgeable and so fit herself - and she rolls all of that into very fun and challenging workouts. She keeps it FUN and FRESH - I highly recommend her to everyone - no matter what your fitness level - or lack there of -- no more excuses - get started with her today!

...Jen Shelby

What I like about Synergistic Effects is the amount of strength and definition in my body that I have gained since beginning my personal training 3 months ago. Kari pushes me during my work-out by increasing my weights and repetitions that are customized to my ability and need. I always feel energized when I finish and look forward to the next session! BEST workout I have ever had, and the only one I have continued and been committed to.


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