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Hiring a personal trainer isn't an easy task. A major factor is trying to find someone who is easy to talk to, who is a good listener, and who you can feel completely comfortable with. Afterall, you are trusting this person with your well-being and will spend priceless time working together. Get to know Kari by taking a look at this "Up Close & Personal" interview with her. Wouldn't you want Kari pushing you through an invigorating workout?

Q.Do you have any guilty pleasures?

Chocolate Peanut Butter Ice Cream!

Q.What is your favorite meal? Cooked by whom?

Thanksgiving cooked by the McKechnie Girls (my mom, my two sisters, and me)!

Q.What movies could you watch over and over again?

Okay don't laugh, Tommy Boy, A Few Good Men, Happy Gilmore, Water Boy... well, just about any Adam Sandler movie. What can I say, I like stupid funny and love to laugh!

Q.Fill in the blank: My kids say I'm funny .

Q.You will often hear me say:

Just 2've got 'em! Come on, dig down! A favorite phrase around the house is, "suck it up, buttercup!"

Q.What hidden talents do you have?

I play the piano and tenor saxophone.

Q.Favorite fast food selection?

Um, you said favorite, but not most often

selected, right? A bacon cheese thickburger from Hardees! I know, YIKES!

Q.When you're not working out or working other women out, you are...

In my gardens, cooking/baking, or hanging out with my kids.

Q.If you could change one thing about yourself it would be:

To learn to relax and slow down!

Q. Who inspires you?

Athletic Women! Love 'em!

Q. What is your dream vacation and who would you take along?

I would LOVE to go to Italy with my husband! I also would love to see Scotland and England.

Q.If Hollywood made a movie about your life, whom would play the lead role?

Geez, thats a hard one! Whoever it is, she better be buff! Ha!

Q.The perfect weekend consists of:

Getting in my workout early, spending time in my gardens, swimming with my family and friends, ending with a big ol' barbeque!

Q.How did your husband ask you to marry him? That is actually a really funny story. You'll have to ask me in person! HA!

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